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e-plastory is the electronic Journal of Historic Polymeric Materials, Plastics Heritage and History.

With this information platform, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kunststoffgeschichte dgkg (German Society for Plastics History) would like to make accessible the historic significance and importance of Historic Polymeric Materials, Plastics Heritage and History (HIPOMs) to experts and a general public.

HIPOMs comprise:

  • The large group of natural polymeric materials (amber, birch pitch, bitumen, natural rubber, gutta-percha, natural fibers, natural lacquers and varnishes, vegetable and animal glues, linoleum, shellac and Bois Durci etc.).
  • Chemically modified biopolymers like cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate and casein-formaldehyde masses.
  • Historic synthetic polymeric material like phenolics, urea and other early thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers, fibers, lacquers, glues etc.

e-plastory is an interdisciplinary forum for high level publications related to plastics history of all aspects. For this purpose, we have chosen a public domain, free of charge, electronic way of publication in loose frequency.

Communications in English and German (reviews, articles, short communications, reports) about the following topics are welcome:

  • HIPOMs (natural polymeric materials, forerunner materials, semisynthetic materials, synthetic materials/plastics, polymer science, processing and engineering, applications, companies)
  • Plastics Heritage (HIPOMs in art, design, technical and everyday's use, architecture)
  • Collecting and archiving HIPOMs
  • Conservation of HIPOMs (Polymer Heritage artifacts, technical heritage, material characterisation)
  • Conservation with polymers (adhesives, coatings etc.)

Continuance of publications in e-plastory is guaranteed through the long-time archiving and registration at the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library)
under the licensed No. ISSN 2190-9598.

e-plastory is a strictly peer-reviewed journal. The submitted articles will be evaluated by referees with expertise in the different areas.

Further Rules

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  • These rules are complemented by those for Open Access Media open access magazine: Creative Commons, naming, no commercial use, no editing.
  • Please cite according to this example:
    Günter Lattermann, e-plastory, 2009, Nr. 1
  • Apart from that, the non-liability and the General Rules according to the dgkg are valid.
  • With its submission, the author recognized automatically and fully the preceding Legal.